Cinders and Ashes

Summary: Some people just want to watch the world burn. Team JNPR happens across one woman who prefers to leave no witnesses alive.

Rating: K+ to T for violence and death.

Notes: 453 words, set after Season 1. Jaune-centric, characters deaths. Not edited, so apologies for misspellings and awkward sentences.

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Prompt: Keeping Secrets

Summary: Ruby had hoped that she had proved to Blake that she was able to rely on her team. But old habits die hard (especially when they were the only things that kept you from dying), and Ruby finds that she hoped too much, dreamed too far ahead when they were still stuck in the past.

Rating: K to K+.

Notes: 607 words, Ruby and Blake-centric. Set post-EP16. Art for the fic can be found here.

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À la prochain, mon amour.

Summary: It’s been seventy years since Team Flare was brought down and Kalos was saved for destruction. Calem figures that it’s about time he fled the incoming questions about his eternal youth, but he’s got one visit to make before he leaves.

Rating: K.

Notes: 437 words, sight Kerrshipping (Sycamore/Calem)…? Based off imaginesycamore's headcanon and this pic.

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Second Opinion

Summary: Blake has managed to lose all but one of her ribbons. Ruby subtly suggests going ribbon shopping, and even though Blake feels as if the weapons-maniac has a hidden agenda she can’t help but take her up on her offer.

Rating: K

Notes: 605 words, Blake and Ruby-centric. Set after EP16.

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Prompt: Clean

Summary: It’s the first life Morgan remembers taking that doesn’t belong to a Risen or a wild animal. Chrom doesn’t care if it’s his first kill or his thousandth kill, he just wants that haunted look out of his son’s eyes.

Rating: K+ to T for mentions of violence and death.

Notes: 781 words, Chrom and Chrom!Morgan-centric. Set after the first Future Past DLC. 

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A Beacon Home

Summary: Four times Ruby doesn’t see Blake, and the one time she does. Leading a team means more than giving out orders; it means welcoming your teammates with open arms.

Rating: K

Notes: 2391 words. Blake and Ruby-centric, borderline Blake/Ruby? Set post-EP15. This hasn’t really been edited, so I apologize for any errors.

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Summary: Weiss knows that she’s not perfect—not yet. So, to better understand the teammate she’s driven away, the Schnee heiress looks for answers from an unlikely source.

Rating: K+ for darker undertones (aka the whole Faunus=racism thing).

Notes: 923 words, Weiss and Velvet-centric. Major spoilers for EP15. I’m trying to get an idea on Velvet’s character and a better grasp on Weiss’, especially after the latest episode.

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Prompt: Fantasy

Summary: Robin’s got a little problem to deal with before the day’s over, and since there’s nobody around to help, he might as well fix it himself.

Rating: M for adult scenes. 

Notes: 818 words, Robin(M)xChrom-ish. Occurs at no specific time in the main plot. Alternate pairing is Robin(M)xhis hand.

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